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Viewing content

The display

There are two panels displayed when you view Investment Claims content.

The full text of the content is on the right.

The table of Contents is on the left.

Full text

Books, commentaries, instruments, materials

At the top of each document, an ‘index card’ displays the chapter/section title, below which is displayed the book or commentary title, the editor(s), author(s), the content type, series, product, the print publication date and ISBN.

Immediately below the ‘index card’, depending where your result appears in the text, are Tables of Authorities, or the Chapter heading and a Table of Contents for the chapter.

Sections within the chapter are clearly denoted and appear numbered in consecutive order throughout the section.

oxia book content

Awards and decisions

At the top of each award or decision, a headnote contains detailed information about the decision with expert commentary and analysis.

Section headings are clearly denoted, with paragraphs numbered in consecutive order throughout the section:

oxia award content

Language of decisions

All decisions are provided in the language spoken in the court of the originating jurisdiction or the language in which the award or decision was recorded.

The decision language is indicated clearly in the TOC:

oxia TOC language

Non-roman languages

For decisions in non-roman languages, the full text is provided as a PDF file where available. Click the appropriate decision link in the TOC to go directly to the link to the decision: INSERT IMAGE Where available, English translations of entire decisions or parts of decisions are provided.

Full translations

Where English translations of decisions are provided in full, there is no ‘View translated passages' box in the TOC:

oxia full english translation


The English translation of the decision is displayed before the full text of the original language decision:

oxia text of decision

Partial translations

Where English translations of important passages only are available, these are displayed immediately after the original language in grey shaded text containing the same paragraph number as that of the original language. Translated passages are interleaved in the full text of the report.

To view only the English language passages of the decision, check the ‘View translated passages only’ box at the top of the TOC above the Oxford Law Citator link.

The shaded portions of the English translation will now be displayed in consecutive order on the screen.

To switch the full text display back to the default view, uncheck the ‘View translated passages only’ box.