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2017 Developments in Home and Host State Policy Responses to Foreign Direct Investment »

Olabisi D Akinkugbe, Sara L Seck
4.01 In this chapter, we provide a broad overview of some notable foreign direct investment (FDI) policy developments by both home and host states. The overview is divided into two parts and three geographical regions. The first part draws attention to developments in implementation of business and human rights norms with a focus on select European countries and Canada. The second part highlights some developments that are noteworthy in the African context both at the regional and national levels. 4.02 The underpinning question that guides the analysis in both...

2018 Developments in Home State Foreign Direct Investment Policies »

Olabisi D. Akinkugbe, Sara L. Seck, Adebayo Majekolagbe
This chapter reviews home state policies on responsible Outbound Foreign Direct Investment (ODI). Mainly, the chapter considers the extent to which ODI policy developments in 2018 facilitate or inhibit responsible investment. As such, this chapter is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on recent responsible ODI policy developments in Canada, Australia, and Europe. Recognizing the increasing involvement of emerging market multinational corporations (MNCs) in ODI, policies and initiatives on responsible investment in select emerging economies are next considered. The chapter closes with some concluding reflections on the ODI trends of emerging economies such as Brazil, Nigeria, and India.