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International Investment, Political Risk, and Dispute Resolution (2nd Edition): A Practitioner's Guide

Noah D Rubins, Thomas Nektarios Papanastasiou, N Stephan Kinsella


This second edition explores the multi-layered legal framework for the protection of foreign investment against political risk. The chapters analyze some of the key issues surrounding this subject, such as structuring transactions to minimize political risk, political risk insurance, State responsibility, treaties protecting foreign investmentand international arbitration between States and investors. Since the previous edition, far more attention has been paid to some of these issues, in particular investor–State arbitration.All chapters have been revised to take into account the number of new arbitration awards that have come to light and the massive volume of commentary on the subject of international investment arbitration since the first edition. The authors have carefully considered the latest theoretical approaches to foreign investment protection and the most intellectually challenging awards issued in the intervening decade, as well as the most recent practical guidance on the procedural recourse available to investors who face political risks. The book is written to appeal to lawyers and non-lawyers alike. It is suitable as a primer for non-specialist practitioners seeking to familiarize themselves with international law pertaining to political risk. It is also suitable for students who intend to specialize in international investment law.

Bibliographic Information

Noah D Rubins, author

Thomas Nektarios Papanastasiou, author

N Stephan Kinsella, author

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