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Bilateral Investment Treaty Overview - Cuba

Dr Facundo Pérez-Aznar, María Florencia Sarmiento

Algeria/Cuba BIT 1999 (not yet entered into force) Argentina/Cuba BIT 1995 (entered into force 1 June 1997) Austria/Cuba BIT 2000 (entered into force 25 November 2001) Barbados/Cuba BIT 1996 (entered into force 13 August 1998) Belarus/Cuba BIT 2000 (entered into force 16 August 2001) Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union/Cuba BIT 1998 (not yet entered into force) Belize/Cuba BIT 1998 (entered into force 16 April 1999) Brazil/Cuba BIT 1997 (not yet entered into force) Bolivia/Cuba BIT 1995 (entered into force 23 August 1998) Bulgaria/Cuba BIT 1998 (entered into force...
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