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The Reign of Law in International Investment Decision-making

Diane Desierto, Ian Laird, & Frederic Sourgens
Co-Chairs, Oxford University Press Investment Claims Summer Academy, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

21 July 2017

The Second Oxford University Press Investment Claims Summer Academy at Lady Margaret Hall took place on July 6-7, 2017, and focused on the role of international law in international investment decision-making. The Summer Academy opened with a quote from Sir Hersch Lauterpacht’s 1933 Function of Law in International the International Community: “The reign of law, represented by the incorporation of obligatory arbitration as a rule of positive international law, is not the only means for securing and preserving peace among nations. Nevertheless it is an essential condition of peace”. Campbell McLachlan, Laurence Shore, and Matthew Weiniger relied upon the quote to open their second edition of International Investment Arbitration: Substantive Principles. In the first session of the Summer Academy, Ian Laird reviewed and discussed the Second Edition of International Investment Arbitration with Matthew Weiniger, QC as a way to set the stage for remaining proceedings [...]

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Site News

February 27, 2017

New: The History of ICSID (2nd Edition)

The History of ICSID (2nd Edition) by Antonio R. Parra in now available on Investment Claims.

January 30, 2017

New Arbitration Rules

The SCC Arbitration Rules 2017, SCC Expedited Arbitration Rules 2017 and SIAC Investment Arbitration Rules 2017 are now available on Investment Claims.

December 8, 2016

Update to Canadian treaty set now published

The Canadian treaty set has been published to include 14 new treaties and 4 updated treaties.

November 17, 2016

Cuban treaty set update

The Cuban treaty set has been updated, including the addition of 33 new treaties, updates to 14 existing treaties, and 1 new treaty overview.